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Looking back at the history of athletics at Greenville High School is a great way to pass the time, learn some GHS history, and understand the values and lessons of athletics. There are many ways to look into this history, but yearbooks allow us to get the information directly from the people most closely associated with school life at the time, students and staff. All “High School Annuals,” better known today as yearbooks, can be found at and is free to sign-up. Currently, has GHS yearbooks back to 1912. I have the good fortune to have had the opportunity to have a physical copy of the 1917 High School Annual. It is the 7th volume and to my understanding was distributed in May of 1917. Interestingly, the copy I have has a signature on the cover (Lucile Markwith). Unfortunately, this name doesn’t precisely match any student in the yearbook, but there are several students that could likely have donated this copy to the schools.

Below is the Forward written by Erwin Trittschuh, Editor-in-Chief High School Annual,

For the past six years, it has been the custom for the Senior Class, to edit the High School Annual. So, naturally, it has fallen upon us, the Senior Class of 1917, to perform this task. A few changes have been instituted in this year’s annual. A beautiful new cover design has been introduced, the pictures of the faculty have been inserted individually, and more pictures and illustrations have been added. The work of preparing the annual, was greatly facilitated this year, by the use of the typewriting room as the Staff Room. This proved to be an ideal place for holding staff meetings, and for typing and storing material. Great credit must be given to the business managers, for they have done much to make this year’s annual a success in a financial way: to the Humor and Art Departments, which have done much for the entertainment of the reader; in short, to all of the students and faculty, for their loyal co-operation in preparing material for the annual. Our motto has been “A better Chief.” Without boasting, we believe that we can truthfully say, that the seventh volume of the Chief is the “best ever.” We present to you, the Chief of 1917. -Erwin Trittschuh.

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Athletics Pages of the 1917 Chief