Greenwave News · Our Athletic Trainer Alyse Grilliot and National Athletic Training Month

With today being the last day of National Athletic Training Month, I want to take a moment to recognize and thank our wonderful trainer, Alyse Grilliot. In this unprecedented and uncertain time, Alyse and her fellow Athletic Trainers from Wayne HealthSports have become more than any of us could have imagined them being. They have moved from their familiar settings of fields, courts, and diamonds; and have become part of the front lines of the battle against Covid-19. Alyse is currently working screening doctors, employees, patients, lab deliveries, and anyone else that comes to Wayne Hospital. This is to ensure that Wayne Hospital and Wayne Healthcare can provide as safe a medical environment as is possible at this time.

Thank you Alyse for taking great care of our athletes and community!!! We look forward to seeing you back in your familiar setting, working with our student-athletes and getting them back in action very soon!